As we strive to reach our world with the gospel and the love of God there is never a lack of things to accomplish. Whether at home or traveling the globe there is always a great demand for people who are willing to role up their sleeves and volunteer to help get the job done.

From the most visible to the almost unseen areas of ministry we are so very grateful for the congregation the Lord has provided. They so willingly give of their time, energy and resources to assist in the Lord’s plan and purpose for this ministry. Without the willing hearts and bodies providing the needed services to those in the church and those who are thousands of miles away we could not succeed.

As we see people move in His plan for their lives it’s astounding how this compliments the plan that the Lord has for this ministry. How good God is to put into place people whose lives and purposes flow so beautifully with the purpose He has for this ministry. We are excited to see what God has in store for all of us in the future and to meet all the marvelous people He will add to this ministry.

It never ceases to amaze us as we watch how God takes ordinary people, places them in areas of church ministry and develops and prospers their lives. Many of these individuals discover talents and abilities they did not know existed and may not have discovered without being involved in a particular area of ministry that puts different demands on their abilities. Friendships are added benefits that flourish though a close working environment of church ministry.

Our ministry departments are ever evolving changing as we grow. Listed below are all of our current ministry areas. We have highlighted some of these departments on separate pages to provide you more information.

Thanks to all those who make it happen!

Arts Department
Children’s Ministry
Helps Ministries
Media Department
Youth Department
Prayer Chain
Visitation Ministries