Our Pastors


Pastor Jim Pringle

Pastor James PringleDr. James K. Pringle, Sr. in 1979 founded and is the president of Agapé Lighthouse, Inc. and Agapé Christian Church, which is an interdenominational, charismatic ministry. His many years of pastoring and years as a Bible college professor merge to bring a zealous communication style.

He has served as the President of ACTS of Jacksonville television station and hosted two weekly programs. The Love of God Broadcast expressed his preaching style while the public service Church of the Week was an interview format.

He has served on the local School Board H.E.A.C., helping to provide a Christian voice to direct public education. He has served as a board member of Teen Challenge and on the steering committee of the March for Jesus. He is a member of the Board of Directors for Logos Bible College International.

The international aspect of Dr. Pringle includes ministry trips to former Soviet Union, England, Ecuador, Brazil, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Latvia, and the Philippines. Wherever he goes his “can do” attitude inspires and encourages believers.

Pastor Rita Pringle

Pastor Rita PringleIn 1979 Rita and her husband, Jim, founded Agapé Lighthouse, Inc. She is the Vice President of that corporation, and is the Chief Operation Officer of The Agapé Christian Church. As the coordinator of ministries and co-pastor of the church, she has oversight of the departments and their staff.

In 1996 Rita received her doctor of ministry degree from Logos Graduate School, Logos Bible College. Her doctoral thesis, Facilitator’s Guide for Church Organization, has enabled other ministries to organize their infrastructure while providing direction to the ministry gifts in the local church. Among her many facets of ministries, Rita has served as President of Pringle Media Services and Vice president of the ACTS of Jacksonville television station. Her radio ministry, The Love of God Broadcast, was heard on FM and AM stations for years in the North Florida area.

Rita Pringle ministers the Word nationally and internationally. Her international ministry has included speaking in: The Bahamas, Brazil, Costa Rica, England, Ecuador, Ghana, Latvia, Soviet Union, the Philippines, and South Africa.

Pastor Melanie Powers

Pastor Melanie PowersFor more than 25 years, Pastor Melanie Powers has been an active part of The Agapé Christian Church. Shortly after joining the church, she began working with the children and in 1990 became the Education Coordinator, overseeing all areas of children, birth to 19 years. The acknowledging of the call of God on her life came in June 1992 when she was ordained as Associate Pastor.

Pastor Melanie and her husband, Russell, have seven grown children and seven grandchildren. Her strong prophetic style of preaching, mixed with the gift of exhortation, always encourages people to receive God’s great love and to understand that God has a wonderful plan for their life.

Pastor Melanie is also a wonderful Christian author with two books in her library. You can learn more about them below or by visiting http://www.luke145.com/.

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